AaN- A new way of Partnership:

EVYOL group is known with a different identity in the agriculture market. Keeping in view our slogan “customer driven” we offers best solutions of challenging problems to our customers. AgPharma is a member company of EVYOL group, following “better agriculture-our preference” and providing excellent agricultural products and services to the farmers. But objective cannot be achieved without the participation of distributors -


The purpose of “AaN” is to establish a strong and permanent relationship between AgPharma and business partners to provide the best products and services to the end user.


To establish a network of business partners which acts as a bridge between AgPharma and farmers and helps to provide the best solutions to farmers.

Ag Pharma, AaN member and farmer---- important pillars of mutual relationship:

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Basic philosophy behind establishment of AaN:

  • To develop a selected network of dealers who will share the development of company and brand
  • The new products will be introduced in the market through AaN network.
  • AaN members would be at the priority list to be inducted as franchisee at the time of initiation of franchise system.

Business rules:

  • Transparent policies
  • Friendly business relations
  • Selected business approach
  • Business with service