Pakistan’s pesticides market can be characterized as.

Cluttered market:

A flux of copycat brands where farmer is confused and needs

Low credibility of companies:

Pesticides companies’ credibility is low as demonstrated by customer responses through market research.

Limited reach:

Pakistan has almost 60, 00,000 farmers whose services need cannot be met, even if all the stake holders pool their resources (all private companies and government departments) above signifies the role of the channel partner in Pakistan’s agriculture market.

Evyol's Philosophy:

At Evyol we take our partners seriously and treat our channel partner as the business partners in true spirit. Currently we have a pool of 610 and this group is steadily growing since inception. We have a clear philosophy retain –grow- add. Where we wish to retain our business partners, we want to add new, those who meet the criteria and want our partners grow as we do.


  • 41 % average increase in numbers/year
  • High satisfaction level.
  • Horizontal & vertical expansion.