Cereals crops are consumed as mother diet in Pakistan as well as many other countries of the world, approximately 50% of the worlds calories are provided by rice, wheat and maize,

Wheat گندم
Rice چاول

Fiber Crops


Like food, fiber is the second major necessity for human race. Pakistan is the country where the finest quantity of fiber is produced and has the honor of 4th largest cotton producer in the world.

Cotton کپاس

Sugar Crops


Sugarcane and sugar beet are the main sugar crops grown in the country. Sugarcane accounts for 80% of sugar produced while the rest is made from sugar beets. Sugarcane predominantly grows in the tropical and subtropical regions.

Sugarcane گنا
Sugar Beet چقندر



Vegetables are the basic ingredient of human diet because of their rich nutritious value. Advancement in technology has made it possible to produce vegetables out of the season and thus helped in better utilization of farm resources.

Bitter gourd کریلا
Okra بھنڈی
Chilies مرچیں
Potato آلو
Tomato ٹماٹر
Onion پیاز

Fruits & Orchards


From warm plain areas to chilled mountain terrains, diverse climatic conditions support the cultivation of variety of fruits and orchards in Pakistan. As Pakistan is the largest country of producing finest quality of citrus in the world, the king of fruits

Citrus ترشاہ پھل
Mango آم
Apple سیب



A number of oilseed and pulses crops are grown in Pakistan. Cultivation of oilseeds contributes toward oil and ghee production in the country, feed for livestock, similarly pulses are very good substitute as protein source.

Canola کینولا
Gram چنا
Moong مونگ
Melon خربوزہ
Water Melon تربوز