Kanzois a flag bearer company of Evyol group. It was launched with the vision of providing solution-based brands to address the prevailing and upcoming challenges confronting the farmers of Pakistan. Confirming to its vision, Kanzo Ag has emerged as the leading provider solution based brands in all target markets. It has influenced even the multinationals companies to follow the new trend. Kanzo Ag has successfully implemented its strategy of Search – Test – Launch, where R&D experts liaise with the international partners and national research institute to evaluate the efficacy and environmental aspects of these new technologies.
Kanzo Ag has introduced the following New Brands:

K-NL-02 K-NL-02 K-NL-02

AgPharmais a fast emerging company of Evyol Group. AgPharma works in close liaison with farmers to meet their emerging need of the productivity. It has introduced brands to make crop-cultivation more productive & profitable. Its aims to provide unique solutions that meet the quality and environmental safety standards of tomorrow’s world. Its commitment is to offer superior alternatives to farming community to meet the issues resulting in decreased productivity.
AgPharma continues to expand its product range and introduced the following new brands in 2017

K-NL-02 K-NL-02
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