We offer various programs based on loyalty ofand channel partners as well as their, contribution in establishing our brands at end user level.

Mystery Shopping:


The dealers are trained to sell specific productsoffer solutions to solve the specific problems of the farmers in a given crop. Dealers are also trained & educated of the benefits offered by the recommended brand in a specific crop against a specific problem or pest. To monitor the dealers fulfilling the above assigned job diligently, Evyol has commissioned a project of mystery shopping.


A disguised farmer will visit the Dealer shop and ask for a solution to a specified problem in the specified crop - to find out the Dealers’ response on:

  • Product being advised
  • Benefit that the product offers

If Dealer’s responds correctly by offering right brand to the Mystery shopper, Mystery shopper will pretend that he does not know about the recommended brand as has never used it thus wants to know more about the brand. At this point the dealer should reinforce his advice by telling one or more of the brand’s benefits. When he does so i.e., recommendsi.e. recommends the right brand and narratestells the realright benefits (at least two USP’s) of the brand offers, he qualifies for a reward and shall receive a loyalty cheque, and copy of the same is being retained for office record. In case of any conflict, dealer can present his copy to respective AL to claim the reawrd.If the Dealer fails to recommends the company specified brand or does not support his right advice with an appropriate key benefit, he will be informed on the spot by Mystery shopper that he did not succeed this time and should try to get a loyalty reward in next rounds

Mystery shopper will also note down; Which brands (relating to the target crop) are displayed and which ones are not. Which POS of these brands were on display along with quality of display.

FRP: Mystery shopper would ask track the price asked for of the specific brand offered


Once qualified, dealer gets 0.5 % incentive against the sale of that specific quarter and a C/N of the 0.5% amount is credited in his ledger,