Evyol is the national leader in branded off-patent crop protection solutions. We offer wide range solutions that farmers can use to protect crops against destructive pests and increase crop yield by preventing yield losses. Evyol is also emerging as a research driven national seed company providing some quality seed brands with the help of its international partners.

Since inception, we have become known nation-wide for our agricultural know-how, technological expertise, and innovative approach. We’ve established ourselves as a creative and daring industry leader who takes lead in delivering new solutions to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Our business strategy focuses on helping farmers improve the output of their fields while coping with water and land shortages. Our purpose is to create simplicity in agriculture and through this, to help farmers live a better life by offering them the right solutions for their individual needs using our market leading brands.

Farmers around the country appreciate us for our honesty, professionalism, reliability and our dedication to providing them with the solutions they really need. We are committed to keep on introducing new technologies to Pakistan’s market to help farmers improve their productivity levels.


Our R&D vision has been and will continue to avoid following a copycat approach and work on inducting solution based brands as and where opportunity arises. We are committed to stand by the farming community in providing solutions to address the emerging problems of the farming community.