Productivity is the Key

World is changing and achieving food security won’t be easy considering the mega trends of growing population, greater affluence, and increasing urbanization, and Pakistan’s situation is no different. Pakistan’s population increasing at an alarming rate and land holding ratio is diminishing proportionally resulting in increasing demand and lower productivity levels. Scarcity of water, energy, and land is expected to define food production in the coming decades. Adaptation of advance technologies can unlock the potential of plants to help farmers increase their productivity levels.

Among many other factors, Insecticides, fungicides and herbicides, are the key contributors in protecting crop potential and improving productivity levels of the farmer. But the introduction of new technologies (Bt, Hybrid etc) and environmental changes has created a gap in level of protection by the currently available solutions. Injudicious use of me too brands have made the situation even verse. The only solution to the issue is the induction of solutions that may match the emerging challenges.