Solution Based Approach

Evyol has adopted a “solution based approach” in addressing what could have become a dead end situation if new solutions would not have been introduced. Evyol is proud of its heritage of introducing such solutions to address the crop protection concerns of the farming community. We have a history of innovative induction of new to Pakistan brands that have really influenced and directed the Pakistan’s crop protection market. At this stage R&D steps in. We have a professional team of R&D specialists, who search, test and evaluate, and then recommend for induction to the current portfolio, if found suitable. Recommend for induction to the current portfolio. Our R&D has developed a continuous process of evaluating new and existing range of brands on our own farms and also through multiplication trials at farmer’s field under various field conditions. Our R&D also has a strong liaison with all government institutes throughout the country to have a first-hand opinion of technical experts.