Evyol, in its present form, is an emerging group. The concept “Customer Driven” stems from the vision to help farmer address the emerging challenges of tomorrow. Being a young group we are proud of our heritage and milestones achieved en route to tomorrow’s leading position.

2005 Kanzo Ag Evyol Group flag bearer company was launched.
2005 Eco Pest Solutions was launched with the concept of Healthy Living where services would be provided at customers’/customer’s doorstep.
2007 Kanzo Quality seed was incorporated to build a seed company addressing the future needs of the seed market.
2007 All these companies were brought under the umbrella of Evyolgroup.
2012 AgPharma was inaugurated with the vision of an innovative solution provider that caters to the emerging and increasingly diverse needs of the market.
2014 Combagro, A crop nutrition company was inducted to offer a range of high value, innovative crop solutions with the close collaboration of internationally renowned crop nutritional players, to meet the future challenges of crop production.

Evyol has successfully crossed many milestones set at the beginning and has earned great respect from the farming community. We at Evyol have influenced the Pakistani crop protection market in many ways by:

  • Providing improved formulation of the current available brands.
  • Providing credible advice to the farming community at their doorstep.

We at Evyol are self-critics of our achievements and will keep striving for excellence in the future to set new standards of quality and innovation in Pakistan’s crop protection market.