The flagship company of Evyol Group was launched with the vision of providing solution-based brands to address the prevailing and upcoming challenges confronting the farmer of Pakistan. Since its inception Kanzo Ag has emerged as a solution-provider in all target. markets. It has a history of introducing various new brands that did not exist before e.g. Pyramid, Priority, and Percept etc. we are widely acknowledged for breaking the inertia of typical approach and bringing unique solutions setting a trend not only for national industry players but also for multinationals operating in Pakistan.

Kanzo Associates Forum (KAF)

Kanzo Associates Forum is a network of selected dealers that ensures the availability and transfer of technology of KA’s innovative solutions to the farmers.


“KAF” was established in 2010 and its basic purpose was to make a group of selected dealers in the provision of new solutions of ever-increasing problems. The idea of establishing the Forum was driven by the core need of having distinct and like mind group of retailers which will grow with Kanzo Ag as business partners for a long term based success through mutually beneficial arrangements. This platform is imperative to stay aware of the new strategies and plays acts as first-mover in responding and adopting emerging trends for improved business performance. “KAF” members would be trained to have better awareness of the problems and could provide better guidance to the farmers.

A Growing Network

Launched in 2010 with a small group, KAF Group has grown to a network of over 800 shops. We have a policy of conducting business with - selected dealers and will follow Add, Grow & Retain policy in future.

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