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Our people are our most valued asset and we strive to maintain a workplace where they are given opportunities to contribute both in organizational and personal growth regardless of gender, race or religion. Our commitment to treating people with dignity and respect is our top most priority.

Our customers have always been at the heart of every effort we make. Making the idea of “solution-based-approach” meaningful for partners and consumers is and will always be our prime focus while carrying out any business activity. We are committed to develop, promote and support the communities we live and work in. Being a national company, we feel obliged to invest and engage in strengthening rural communities of Pakistan for a genuine reflection of sustainable progress.


Pakistan has over six million farmers and services needs are seemingly quite touch to be met, even if all the stake holders pool in their resources (all private companies and government departments). Pakistan’s pesticides market can be characterized as cluttered market being a flux of copycat

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In a high-profile meeting (HPM), progressive & large-scale landholders of respective area participate. These growers are local influencers who are early adopters of agricultural advancements and users of new solutions. We engage and involve them reaching down to lower tears of farming community with creating help form their if they are convinced from the efficacy of brand than it creates a pull of other farmers to use & apply this brand


The leadership at Evyol believes in staying low while helping the less-privileged so as to avoid show-off however as a socially responsible corporate it certainly has programs going on for community development on account of education, poverty and health issues.


In today’s complex business world understanding and responding to consumer behavior is extremely important to succeed. Agriculture being the highly inclusive market imperatively takes so much involvement of external influencers or Key Opinion Leaders (kols) who act as catalyst to fast-spread the information on technological, innovative, environmental and cultural fronts. kols include executives from agriculture departments of provincial and federal government, teaching faculty at agricultural institutes, rural leadership, high profile farmers with large scale landholdings, agri-economists

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