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In today’s business world, the desire to grow is untiring and organizations have to continue connecting the dots of modern day’s practices to stay on course of consistent progress. Being a national leader in branded off-patent crop protection solutions of a developing economy, we truly understand that growth can’t just be a reflection of cut-throat competitive approach but it ought to be sustainably reverberating down to small-scale farming community level.


Customer First At Evyol we believe that customer success is our success and that’s the reason we have designed our strategy keeping the customer as hub. Ranging from innovative solution-based chemistries to mass media production, our customer remains the focus of every effort we carry out. To meet the objective, we always keep a close liaison with our customers and incorporate their feedback/comments to better position our brands. We believe that our customers think high of us and they of proud of customers perception. We use various internal and external resources to have first-hand customer’s feedback that we use to invent solutions that can address challenges of tomorrow. We use Customer testimonials, Market research and other focus group activities to have deep customer insight about general and specific opinions about perception and performance of company and the brands as well. We firmly believe that such customer feedback has helped us attain today’s leading market position.

First Movers

Evyol Group has successfully crossed many milestones set at the beginning and has earned great respect from the farming community. We have influenced the Pakistani crop protection market in many ways where taking initiative on new chemistries against emerging crop protection challenges has been the most acclaimed aspect. We move first embracing the risk


To facilitate in search and introduction of new solutions, a well-defined “product development group” has been formed that comprises of experts from diverse background who brainstorm and build a business case. Once the


We are humbled with the pride of being known for our genuinely “solution-based-approach” for various challenges that could have turned out to be a dead-end situation. At this our professional team of R&D specialists;

who search, test & evaluate to find suitable recommendations for new inductions in to the current portfolio. Our people at R&D have developed a continuous process of evaluating new and existing range of brands on our own farms and also through multiplication trials at farmers’ fields under varying conditions. Our R&D maintains a strong liaison with all government bodies throughout the country to have firsthand opinion of technical experts. We are principled never to follow an imitator approach and will continue working on inducting solution-based products as and when an opportunity arises.


Strong R&D has been and would always remain one of the key strengths of the group and that’s how we have established our recognition for new and innovative crop protection solutions. Provision of such unique solutions cannot be made possible without a strong and well-developed R&D

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